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about us

MenuLogistics developed the Clinical Dietetic Workbench which is a one stop shop dashboard specifically for the use of clinical dietitians. Each and every assessment tool and data collection instrument required to be successful in capturing essential nutrition documentation is available.

THE TEAM: Comprised of Registered Dietitians, Food Service Managers, Chefs and IT experts in the acute care setting; with extensive experience in the digital automation of F&NS. 

THE MISSION: To enhance and improve patient care outcomes, promoting population health by providing the most effective nutritional care system for the benefit of global healthcare.

THE VISION: To be the industry leader, providing the most meaningful clinical nutrition assessment solutions that will integrate with any HIS system and support options for F&NS Software in acute care.

THE BASICS: This system uses the most up to date and modern technologies leading to a multifaceted program for data management, integration and communications that result in enhanced outcomes for both patients and staff.  The ML system simplifies the many complexities of dietary management, the system is extremely stable and robust, ensuring uninterrupted service. Deployment is available in a client server, hosted, or web/cloud platforms. Unlimited archiving/data storage is a standard feature of the ML platform.

Our Contacts

Clinical Dietetics

Catherine Lynn

US: +1 949 212 7905


Michael Babines

US: +1 724 584 2647


Scott Mahoney

ME: +971 521 472737

AU: +61(4)3885 0304

The System

EMR INTERFACE: The system communicates electronically in real-time with the requisite HIS using internationally standard HL7 programming language and/or via FHIR for Admissions, Discharges, Transfers, Pharmacy/Medications Orders, Laboratory Results, Scheduling, Tube Feeding and Formulary. Utilization ensures patient safety and the precise delivery of care augmented with granular cost management in Food & Nutrition Service operations. Automated outbound transactions are provided to update the EMR in real time for completed Clinical Nutritional Assessment reports. 

ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT: ML supports a shared database across any number of facilities while allowing for local/regional preferences.  The basis is standardization in recipes, menus, clinical nutrition care protocols, GPO/ERP/contract management programs, unlimited storage location management, centralized call centers and centralized system administration.

THE UTILITIES: Comes equipped with automated report scheduling, generating any report at any time on any day(s) on any printer in any location to facilitate workflow and production automation and staff communications. In addition, the system includes a custom analytic report & form designer allowing users to create unlimited reports on-demand to meet any client need without any cost for customization. 

THE SERVICES: Professional Services are included for all accounts; Project Management, Database Build, Interface Design, Training, Implementation, Updates, Ongoing Support and System Administration.

how to reach out

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