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Intelligent Design

Intuitive User Management

100% customizable
to meet your needs

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Designed by
Registered Dietitians

Equipped with
Standardized Language
& Codes

Built following
AND Guidelines

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Built by
F&NS Experts

Sophisticated Technology
for Simplified Menu Management

Absolute Patient Safety
& Compliance

System Options

MenuLogistics has two distinct system offerings to choose from and an offering that integrates both:

The Clinical Dietetic Workbench, for use by Dietitians & Clinical Nutrition Managers.  The system delivers a seamless day to day process for clinicians to complete their caseload. Capturing all productivity and automating much of the screening and documentation; dietitian's work is simplified and they are left feeling accomplished and energized.

Food & Nutrition Services Automation encompasses all processes for the department. The intelligent build of the ML system is sure to succeed any previous automation system in use, guaranteeing patient safety every step of the way.  With exclusive logic for inventory and recipe management, unlimited menu offerings, straightforward production rationale and unyeilding service standards, it is sure to impress.

Menu Logistics works closely with Clinical Dietitians & Food Service Managers on site to customize systems that will meet the individual needs of each enterprise or facility.  We provide support starting day One and throughout the entirety of the relationship.  See more about our services HERE→