Improve Your Bottom Line

The Clinical Dietetic Workbench
Improves Your Bottom Line

The 1st and Only of Its Kind

Did you know?

-System build & implementation completed in <60 days
-Results are seen after 60 days post Go Live
-Equipped with AND Standards & all eNCPT codes
-Is 100% customizable to each facility's clinical requirements
-Clinicians manage & can adjust assessments or reports
-MenuLogistics is available 24/7 for support

Revenue Generation

  • -Enhances claim qualification & acceptance for nutrition related eligible  reimbursements by 1%

  • -Drives revenues by ensuring compliance as related to clinical nutrition billing codes

Cost Savings

  • RDs conduct & complete 25% more assessments with current FTEs

  • Decreases Length of Stay by 0.4%

  • Reduces 30 day Readmissions by 5%

Return on Investment

  • Average ROI Per Patient Day $11,000 Per Annual PPD

  • Rapid Return on Investment, 60 days once implemented



  • Streamlines clinical process through standardization

  • Assures regulatory compliance and successful TJC audits resulting in reduction in associated fees

Project Implementation is FAST.  
The system integrates with existing HIS/EMR systems which streamlines the set up process. Build, training and go live within 60 days.

Factoids to consider
  • On average, 35% of admitted patients present with malnutrition
  • On average, 35% of discharged patients with malnourishment which increases chance of readmission
  • Screening processes are manual and are inconsistent